Two thirds of students don’t know what a money mule is.

Criminals are increasingly targeting university campuses to recruit students as money mules in order to ‘clean’ money that has been obtained illegally through drugs, firearms, and increasingly all different kinds of fraud. But students have no idea that they are being targeted.

A third of students would allow someone else to use their bank or transfer money for them.

Criminals will lure students in with expensive or hard to obtain items such as designer clothes or drugs, before simply asking to borrow their card. This will often be when a student is most vulnerable, such as intoxicated or in financial hardship.

Only half of students would tell the police if approached to be a money mule.

Once a student has been approached, criminals will socially engineer them through manipulation or fear so that they will stay silent. This seriously impacts students mental wellbeing as well as having financial and criminal consequences.

Crooks on Campus is a crime drama designed to help students understand the dangers of getting involved with organised crime by becoming a money mule. As Kyle, Ling, PJ, and Anna navigate the new academic year their stories come together to demonstrate the very real consequences of fraud and financial crime in very relatable ways.

Watching ‘Crooks on Campus’ and engaging with the We Fight Fraud Team offers students the opportunity to really understand what they could be getting involved in when offered the opportunity to make some ‘easy money’.

This is where we need your help. We know that a lack of awareness is a key issue in getting involved in this sort of crime. The more students we can reach the greater chance we have of preventing the harm that comes from money muling. Therefore, we are offering access to the film to university partners, alongside digital resources to assist in sharing the key messages from the film via social media to your students.

To get more information about how you can access this for your students, please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch with more information.